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Celebrity Quotes

“The best portrayal of my father I have ever seen”

– Kitty Bruce

“Lenny Bruce is still talking thanks to the brilliant play Ronnie has written. I’m thrilled that his powerful performance is exciting Lenny Bruce fans, old and new. Bruce is as relevant today as ever!” 


 Joe Mantegna

“A terrific show about a true genius who was ahead of his time. Go see I’m Not A Comedian…I’m Lenny Bruce.” 

 Tony Bennett

“Ronnie Marmo delights as he channels Lenny Bruce. A thoughtful authenticity in performance, direction and script. Bravo Joe, Ronnie and Lenny.”

– Bonnie Hunt

“I loved it!!! Ronnie Marmo’s writing and his performance, directed by Joe Mantegna,  make you feel you are meeting Lenny Bruce in the flesh; what a thrill!  It’s funny and tragic and astonishingly timely.”

– Jean Smart

“Funny, fierce, tragic…beautifully directed by Joe Mantegna with a strong performance by Ronnie Marmo vividly brings to life the comedian we so miss today.”

– Billy Crystal

“I ABSOLUTELY loved it.”

– Barry Levinson

“Actor Ronnie Marmo, in the one man exploration of Lenny Bruce, “I’m not a comedian, I’m Lenny Bruce” is a force of volcanic proportions. I was riveted by Ronnie and moved by Bruce’s tragic life. I went home and googled all the players in Lenny Bruce’s life. It had such an impact on me.”

– Patti LuPone

“Go see this before It closes - It’s so good!! Wildly impressive and moving!!”

– Paul Resier

“The tour de force by actor Ronnie Marmo for me is historic. Lenny's life pours out of him, so much that would have made Mr. Bruce both extraordinarily shocked and also, in a loving fashion, I’m sure he would have mocked the shit out of this wondrous actor for nailing him so magnificently. 

I've always been let down reading and watching about my hero but not this time. This was Mickey Mantle finally hitting it out of the stadium.”

 Richard Lewis

"When I was a kid, I somehow stumbled upon Bob Fosse's iconic film 'Lenny,' late one night on HBO.  I was probably too young to grasp much of the humor, but Dustin Hoffman's portrayal of the tragic comic left me obsessed.  Now, with Ronnie Marmo's 'I'm Not A Comedian...,' I've become obsessed all over again.  Thanks for an incredibly memorable performance, Ronnie!  And for bringing Lenny Bruce back to life."


 Michael Zegen

(Joel Maisel on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)

“Lenny Bruce fought and died for something we take for granted today, that freedom of speech applies equally to comedians.  "I'm not a comedian...I'm Lenny Bruce" is exactly right.  Ronnie Marmo's incredible performance at Theatre 68 is a brilliant reminder of how much we owe to Lenny Bruce.”

 Eric Idle

“I’m a student of comedy and I love theater! If you’re in New York City there’s a one man show about the legendary comedian Lenny Bruce that you must see! The history of stand up comedy and comedians having edge started with him, then Richard Pryor took it to another level. If you want to be inspired and also watch the journey of a brilliant artist. Please check out this one man show brilliantly written and performed by Ronnie Marmo and directed by Chicago’s own Joe Mantegna"


 Robert Townsend

"Loved the show!"

– Christie Heffner

 “Ronnie Marmo IS Lenny Bruce. For me, it was incredible watching this hilarious master on stage once again. I was astonished.” 


 Martin Garbus 

(Attorney for Lenny Bruce)

“Amazing show…TERRIFIC Performance”


 George Pennacchio, ABC7

“Funny, touching, tragic ... LENNY lives through the brilliant  performance of Ronnie Marmo and flawless direction of Joe Mantegna. A must see if you're in Los Angeles.” 


 Steve Sunshine, EXTRA TV

"Ronnie lays his heart deep into Lenny’s heart. He’s as funny as Lenny and I know he leaves as hurt as Lenny. Ronnie captures Lenny’s humor and his tormented heart. What an outstanding, wicked, and deep performance. I love Lenny Bruce and I love Ronnie’s Lenny Bruce."

 Jim Belushi

"I wanted to see more of Ronnie in the nude but I loved the rest of it.  He became!  I believed" 

 Ed Asner

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